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Hi, my name is Kate and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have been living in Osaka for five years. I initially came to Japan on a working holiday visa and thought I would only stay one year, but five years later I’m still here! I always knew I wanted to live abroad but it wasn’t until a spontaneous trip here in my early twenties that I realized Japan was the place I wanted to live. After that first visit, I visited again every year for the next four years before finally moving. I love Japan for its unique and deep culture, it’s beautiful people, and it’s delicious food. I wanted to experience living somewhere that was completely different to my own culture and I wanted to learn a new language, so I think Japan has been the perfect place to do this.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing and more recently I have been learning how to make gamaguchi and becoming more interested in Japanese kimono. Thanks!



Hello. My name is Roger and I am from the United States. In the United States most people only speak one language, English. This is very similar to Japan where everyone mainly speaks Japanese. I understand how difficult it is to learn a new language. I didn’t start learning Japanese until I was 30 years old.

My hobbies include cooking dinner, reading a good book, and playing with my two cats. I really enjoy learning how to cook new foods from different places.

I came to Japan to play music. I’ve been here for 11 years and I have played concerts all over Japan. I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting and talking to new people. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.

現役の音楽家でもあるロジャー先生は、発音矯正のクラス(American Accent Training)を中心に担当してくれています。音に対する造詣が深い先生ですので、英語特有の発音やリズム、音の脱落や変化なども理論的に指導することができます。今も大学の博士課程に在学中で、これまでに数え切れないほどの論文やエッセイを書いてきた経験がありますので、アカデミックライティングを指導することも可能です。そのため留学を考えている学生の方にも(特に音楽系の大学を目指す方には)、自信を持って彼の個別指導をお勧めいたします。


資格:日本語能力試験1級(JLPT N1)・ジェトロビジネス日本語能力テスト2級


My name is David Kuhn. I was born in Oak Park, Illinois (near Chicago) and grew up near Detroit, Michigan. At university I studied International Trade and Japanese.

I have passed Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

I’ve lived in Japan for 26 years, mostly in Kansai, but I’ve also lived a year and a half in Tokyo. In addition to teaching I have translation and management experience. For over 10 years I was the Western Japan manager for a large eikaiwa chain.

I have a lot of passion for teaching. I put a lot of energy in my lessons and try to make them fun, but also productive.

On the personal level I love outdoors. I often go hiking, but my main activity is cycling. Every year I do a Biwa-ichi (cycle around Lake Biwa), an Awa-ichi (cycle around Awaji Island) and I cycle the Shimanamikaido.

I look forward to meeting you!

日本語能力試験1級(JLPT N1)、ジェトロビジネス日本語能力テスト2級を取得済みのデイビッド先生は、読み書きともに本当に日本語が流暢です。大学では、国際ビジネスと日本語を専攻していました。日本に移住してから26年、英会話講師だけでなく通翻訳業もこなし、大手英会話スクールでは10年以上マネージャーを務めてきました。その他にも、数々の大手企業で英語レッスンやセミナーなども行ってきたベテラン講師で、すべてのレベルに対応できる責任感の強い先生です。寺子屋英語学院ではビジネス英語を中心に担当してもらっています。